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Napson’s advantage

Napson’s advantage

Napson is a global leading developer and manufacturer for resistivity & sheet resistance measurement equipment for the semiconductor industry utilizing four point probe and non-contact eddy current measurement.

Napson also has developed equipment for related technologies including lifetime testing, spread resistance measurement,P/N type checking and flatness testing.

Napson offers ‘Flexible solutions’ from bench top testing to fully automatic or continuous in-line scanning.

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Napson’s advantage

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    Expert consulting
    Expert consulting provided for customer requirements such as measurement range , specimen dimensions or additional functions and measurements.
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    Designed and Assembled at the Napson factory in Japan
    The products, including software, are designed and assembled at the Napson factory in Japan.Napson has been providing reliability test solutions over 30 years.The Napson factory is conveniently located in the Green Industrial Park in Chiba , one hour from Tokyo.
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    Efficient support after-sales service
    The Napson service engineers not only work in Japan, but also work in Korea, Taiwan , China, the European Union and the United States.
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    Long-term partnerships with the industry key-players
    Customers are not only in Japan but are worldwide, supported by branch offices or excusive distributors.

    As a leading company in the industry, Napson commands a large market share.

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    Free demonstration and sample measurement
    The customers are always welcome to visit our factory or representatives for a demonstration or sample measurement.
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