Measurement Range

ONLY Napson manufactures both Contact and Non-contact resistivity measurement systems.

Please refer to the tables below for features & resistivity ranges of each measurement type.

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  Contact type [4point probe method] Non-contact type [Eddy-current method]
Measurement area 3mm(or 1.5~4.77mm) φ5~60mm

Probe Gap

(*Determined by test sample thickness )

Contact 0.1~10mm

・Measurement is absolute

・Narrow measurement area

・No damage by contact

・ No influence of contact resistance

Disadvantage ・Sample may be damaged by probe contact

・Calibration to a reference resistivity sample is required

・Sample thickness is limited by probe gap

Measurement range by each method

(*Reference material)


*Please download Measurement range chart as above by followings.


* Pulse voltage excitation method ; Joint development with Chiba Univ. [Applied for patent]
* Corona discharge method ; Joint development with Yamagata Univ. [Applied for patent]
* Measurement range specifications subject to change without notice.

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