Flatness/Thickness measurement

Wafer flatness measurement system


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  • Flatness/Thickness measurement
  • Flatness/Thickness measurement

Selling Points

Measures Thickness, TTV, Bow, Warp and site and global Flatness (ASTM compliance)
Measures all materials including Si, GaAs, Ge, InP, SiC
Full 500 micron thickness measurement range without re-calibration
2-D /3-D Mapping software



  • Semiconductor materials, Solar-cell materials (Silicon, Polysilicon, SiC etc)
  • Silicon-related epitaxial materials, Ion-implantation sample
  • Chemical compound semiconductor (GaAs Epi, GaN Epi, InP, Ga etc)

Sample sizes

3~8 inch

Measuring range

Thickness: 200 –1200μm
Bow : +/-350μm
Warp: 350μm

Related product

Wafer flatness sorting system : NC-2000(Robotic carrier), NC-6800(Belt carrier)
 *Adding Resisitivity measurement module and/or PN checker module system is also available.



*Please download leaflet as followings.