Our vision

Our vision

Since 1984, Napson has been developing and manufacturing resistivity/sheet resistance measurement instruments for semiconductor and thin-film materials.

The applications are various , such as semiconductor devices , silicon wafers , solar cells ,LEDs, touch panels , flat panels like TFT-LED , OLED , and new nano-materials used in personal computers , digital television, touch panels ( tablet PC , smart phone) and solar panels.

Customers are not only in Japan but are worldwide, supported by branch offices or excusive distributors.

As a leading company in the industry, Napson commands a large market share for these applications.

Napson has developed two key technologies for four point probe and non-contact eddy current measurement. Napson supplies the related technologies including semiconductor life time testing, spread resistance measurement , P/N type testing and wafer thickness/flatness testing.

Further, we offer the equipment from manual instruments to fully automatic systems and in-line modules based on customer requirements.


Makoto Nakamura President & CEO NAPSON CORPORATION


Company concept

– Innovation, development and reliability solutions over 30 years since 1984.

– Long-term partnership with the industry key-players and the exclusive distributors

– Flexible solutions from manual simple test to fully automatic and/or in-line non-stop measurement

– Expert consulting on each partner requirement

– Efficient support for after sales service